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The most versatile set background option 

The Transition Panel System is designed and built to give you an endless number of set background options. The transition panels stand at 95"H and 42"W. You can affix any type of graphic or translucent/acrylic panel as a solid graphic in front of the mullions. Or behind the mullions to give your background depth as seen in the photos to the left. 

The graphics are affixed with velcro either behind or in front the mullions and the front lower wooden panels are affixed with magnets to make changing the look simple. You can begin to build your own studio's library with multiple finishes and graphics to change the brand of the show in seconds. 

You can dress up your Transition Panel with faux finishes, such as stone or brick. Then simply remove that "look" and attach another for your next show.


Please contact us for pricing! 

Monsanto Graphic Transition Panels.jpg

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