UNISET’s design studio utilizes Vectorworks studio design software. The combination of experienced scenic design coupled with state of the art hardware and software infrastructure enables UNISET to create new and unique custom studio sets. From conceptual line drawings to fully integrated 3D virtual studio/set perspectives, UNISET has the ability and capability of designing all scenic elements associated with your custom studio. 


The UNISET Studio Set Design Advantages

  • Design/Build/Delivery/Assembly/Installation/ Warranty ALL under one roof
  • Interactive design concepts for customer interface and feedback
  • Conceptual, Schematic, Design Development and Final Design by UNISET
  • Set Fabrication incorporating all finishes and scenic elements by UNISET



The UNISET Design Studio also provides for the “customization” of UNISET standard core studio set elements. This is achieved by replacing standard finishes with like surfaces of different color, texture, fabric and other resilient materials.