The UNISET Riser system has been engineered to create many configurations on multiple levels. Each riser module’s integrated leveling system creates an extremely stable foundation on which to build your sets. Gray carpeted floor surfaces are finished with 8” high impact resistant thermoplastic sides. Shipping on wheeled storage carts the UNISET Riser modules are always ready to set and are easily stored when not in use.


The UNISET Riser System Advantage

  • 100 square feet of surface
  • Integrated leveling system
  • Easily configurable for multiple levels
  • Includes storage carts – always ready for use
  • Carpeted floor surfaces
  • Natural 8” step heights
  • Meets NEMA FR standards
  • Made in USA by UNISET®

UNISET Riser Systems

1” to 1’ Scale Planning Model
4 – 8” Square Risers 5’ x 5’ (100 SF)  and 1- Storage Cart

Price $3,200*


*Price before frieght cost