NUNS (New Universal News System) Desk System

The ability to change and modify news and broadcast studio settings is the single most important aspect to produce high quality programs in a multipurpose studio.  People watch programs, not channels and the way content is delivered significantly impacts the viewer’s interest and engagement. 

With UNISET’s NUNS Desk System you can quickly transition between 7 different desk styles creating the ideal set depending on the type show you are producing.  The NUNS system requires no tools to assemble and the system is easily moved within or between studios on wheeled storage carts. 



The NUNS™ Advantage

  • Affordable dynamic news desk system that maximizes creative use of your studio space
  • Provides more options for show identities
  • Set and shoot in minutes with no tools required
  • Combines with, and compliments existing sets
  • Includes storage carts
  • Durable laminate finish of your choice and construction for years of use.

Made in USA by UNISET™

You want to produce WHAT in my studio?


NUNS – 4 Top System™

The NUNS-4 Top system includes top configurations # 2, 3, 4, & 7 (see figure above ^).

Still configurable for 1 to 4 people the NUNS-4 Top is a great alternative when studio space is limited.

Click to download NUNS - 4 Top System Configuration PDF

NUNS  – 7 Top System™

UNISET’s NUNS-7 Top System provides the greatest flexibility in creating unique program identities for news, interview and panel presentations. The NUNS system’s modular design allows for up to 7 table configuration for 1 to 4 people.

Click to download  NUNS - 7 Top System Configuration PDF


NUNS- 4 Top System™

4 – Reversible 2 Sided Tops for 1 to 4 people (Tops-2, 3, 4, 7)
1 – U Shaped News Base
2 – Quarter Round Front Modules
1 – Curved Inside/Out Panel
1 – Flat Front Panel
1 – Storage Cart

Price $4,995


NUNS-7 Top System™

7 – Reversible 2 Sided Tops for 1 to 4 people
1 – Right Angle Supports
1 – U Shaped News Base
2 – Quarter Round Front Modules
1 – C Shaped Front Module
1 – Curved Inside/Out Panel
1 – Cube Front Support Module
2 – Table Fronts
2 – Storage Carts

Price $5,995