UNISET is the industry leader in the design and manufacturing of dynamic multipurpose television, video set and studio systems. Our core product lines include News/Interview Desks - NUNS Desk System and UNI-PRO Desk System, Wall/Column Systems (background systems), Rolling Panel Systems (fully modular scenic backgrounds), Transition Panels (versatile modular scenic backgrounds), Free Standing Cycloramas (Hard Green and Blue Screens), UNI-PRO Studio SystemCustom Studio SystemsFloor Risers and Custom Fabrication. All of our products are freestanding, ship fully manufactured and are pre-finished for easy assembly and immediate use. The quality, durability and cost effective UNISET set elements provide the "studio set" experience and production environment that each studio demands and expects.

For those customers who require a dedicated set, exhibit or custom fabrication solution UNISET offers comprehensive design and production services that will take your vision from design concept to installation.  With all design and production taking place under one roof UNISET provides our valued Customers with quality, cost effective results delivered on time that consistently meet and exceed Customers expectations. WELCOME to the UNISET Company.

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