The Light Box Column

Pricing for the Light Box Column is $790.00 each and $3,750.00 for Five (5) . (the five being for a 20’ WCS or RP system)   Specs, as follows:

10” x 10” frame x 95” H. Light Box display area 8” W x 91” H. Internally illuminated RGBW LED lighting with remote. Translucent White Polycarbonate Panel. 

Free standing internally illuminated “light box column" perfectly compatible with existing UNISET Wall Column and Rolling Panel Systems

Custom Column

The UNISET Custom Column product line is a perfect complement to an existing UNISET Wall Column System and Rolling Panel back ground system. Free standing with modular capability, the Columns can also be designed and built to incorporate with existing architectural and finish details of any set back ground. Each Column detail can be customized with RGBW LED lighting accents, faux stone and brick facades, high pressure laminate wood grain and metal finishes… all to enhance an existing back ground.

Details and Pricing

Each Column can be custom designed and finished to meet the customers request. UNISET design staff can assist with defining the look and feel that the Customer desires. Pricing can range from several hundred dollars to several thousand depending on the complexity of the design and specifications.

Contact UNISET for a complimentary design and quote.

Customer Testimonial 

We, at the National Press Club,  wanted to update our existing studio set to create more configuration options for established and new clients.  The plan was to add  modular columns that could be used with our existing set fixtures incorporating architectural elements of our historic facilities here in Washington DC.  UNISET met and exceeded our expectations by helping to design a 2-sided column  system that on one side captured the architectural elements of our facilities and on the other side created a contemporary modular light box allowing us to custom brand productions.  

UNISET design team was creative in developing the concept for our columns and the final product was constructed of the  highest quality.  

We would not hesitate to recommend UNISET for the design and fabrication of video sets to others.

Tiina Kreek

Manager, National Press Club Broadcast Operations Center

Washington, DC