After our station, WTAT/FOX24 in Charleston, SC received the green light to start producing original content, immediately our staff said “What about the set”? We were working with a small space and needed something that could give the illusion of a larger set, provide good depth of field, was multi-functional and most importantly, didn’t “break the bank”. I simply conducted an internet search and stumbled upon UNISET. After submitting an initial inquiry, I was contacted by Sean Martin and the ball was set in motion.

We provided dimensions of our space, they provided a rendering with dimensions of the set. The set arrived and was accurate to the inch. We set up our five-panel system in just a couple hours. Our engineering department was amazed at the quality and ease of use. The quality, from the materials to the graphics, are excellent.

Most importantly, the customer service and quality of care is above most vendors I have dealt with. Our set is used for FOX24 News Now which can be seen, in-use, HERE (

I would highly recommend UNISET as a first-stop for anyone looking into a new set or studio build out.
— DeAnna Miller Director of Creative Services | WTAT FOX24 Cunningham Broadcasting Corporation Executive Producer | FOX24 News NOW

Your team knocked it out of the park. We are extremely pleased with all aspects of our new UNI-PRO Studio System provided by UNISET. We have been looking for a solution that would raise our on-air presence to match our HD upgrade, but many systems were too expensive for our tight budget. The entire process was smooth and hassle free; from concept, design, construction and installation, a perfect solution for Sarasota County government. The set you designed and implemented provides us with three unique looks with multiple applications and very little set up time at a budget friendly price.

Thanks for the collaboration and awesome customer service. Please use us as a reference for any on-the-fence clients, we’d be glad to share our story!
— Donn Patchen, Director of Communications Department - Sarasota County, FL

We are very pleased with the cyclorama. Bottom line, the cyclorama has made post adjusting the keying almost no work at all. We used to have to mess around a long time to reduce lines and shadows with software. Now, we throw the clip in and once the keying is applied, very little adjusting is necessary. Which means I have more time to spend on content. It’s initially a big cost, but when you consider the productivity increase it provides, I have no doubt it was worth the cost. And we are really just getting started!
— Neal Anderson - Digital Media Specialist

Neuro Science Inc.

We were fortunate to recently purchase a UNISET Wall column system and news desk. The system was delivered, set up and configured for us by the fantastic crew at UNISET. Since then it has immeasurably improved the quality of work we produce in our studio. Originally, it was purchased for our academic studio, providing students with a real-world feel with professional looking equipment. The quality and versatility was so exceptional, we’ve been kindly sharing it with our professional services here at the college. Everybody wants the “good furniture” for their production work. What makes the pieces so great is the level of thoughtfulness that UNISET has put into their design and structure; providing rolling flats, convenient storage and set-up configurations, modular components, and especially the backside green screen panels. I use those regular in my visual effects class. The pieces have benefit the style of our program greatly, transforming us into looking like a truly professional studio space. They’ve been a solid, supportive and positive company that are responsive to our needs and extremely helpful.
— Chad Anderson Chair - Brookdale Community College

RFA is happy to give UNISET an A rating recommendation. UNISET worked with us through the entire process starting with the set design to delivery, onsite installation and full completion of our add-ons. UNISET was very organized and communicative during the building process. Our studio is on the 3rd floor of an office building in Washington DC. We had many contractors come through our door with the building of our studio and UNISET was by far the most enjoyable and pain free.
RFA would easily use them for future projects.
— Thomas Vichi, Technical Operations Video Production Lead - Radio Free Asia

Big thanks to the whole team at Uni-Set. We recently received our Uni-Pro desk system and our talent agrees; it makes our virtual environment feel & look like a real newsroom. We have been looking for a desk to use in our virtual newsroom environment but nothing quite worked until we discovered the Uni-Pro desk system.
It allows us the flexibility to quickly change the setup from a single shot to multiple guests. Versatility is key for us and with the Uni-pro system, we can quickly change the look of the desk as well as branding, table top configuration quickly and easily. The team at Uniset were a pleasure to work with; professional, courteous, and always quick to respond with answers to our questions.

Again, Thank you.
— Mark Sugarman, Art Director -The Street

Hello Brian,

De Anza College Creative Arts / Film TV Department purchased a UNI-CYC 11 1/2” hight x 33’ wide x 13’ deep Cycloramas Green Screen in 2010. We purchased the UNI- CYC for use in our newly renovated HD TV Studio/Sound Stage in the Advanced Technology Center building located in Cupertino, California. The UNI-CYC set is used by our Film, TV and Animation faculty and students.

Over the last four years we have dismantled, stored, rebuilt or reconfigured the set many times. The modular walls and base sweep sections are easy to assemble with a two person crew using the supplied C-Clamps and bolts/wingnuts. After the base sweep sections are joined together we just set the walls sections in place, clamp them together and lay the floor panels in place.

The UNI-CYC has three major advantages over our old chroma key curtain, the UNI-CYC set requires less light to achieve a GREAT chroma-key, we can re-configure the shape and length to match any type of project and we have the ability to shoot head to toe wide camera shots.
— Edward Breault, Video Systems Engineer at DeAnza College

The UNI-CYC cyclorama manufactured by UNISET proved itself as an excellent cyclorama system for my company to utilize at this year’s 2014 NAB conference. The UNI-CYC was set in an hour allowing Hybrid TV to begin generating superior production level virtual environments in a matter of hours. With no need to set drywall, sand and paint there was no downtime with the UNI-CYC waiting for drywall seams and paint to dry allowing Hybrid TV the ability to complete our system set up well ahead of schedule
— Olivier Cohen, President Hybrid TV

Hi Brian,Well as I’m sure you expected, the set is a hit with the students. The Tech Director has actually asked me to use both control rooms so he can take advantage of “keying” elements over the Uniset Walls. Once they start taping I’ll try to get you some photos for your portfolio.Regards, TFSchool of Communication at Hofstra University
— Hofstra University

Over the past year however, requests have skyrocketed to additionally produce more traditional talking head and interview-style recordings. Initially all we needed was a versatile desk setup that could easily be used in any of the three video classrooms. The answer ? The NUNS 7 desk. It quickly transports to, sets up, disassembles, and is transported back out of any of our three rooms with ease. It has up to 7 different desk configurations that easily fits whatever management or executives need. One day we may be recording a classroom, the next morning we can set up a NUNS desk configuration for an executive interview recording. Quick and easy.
— Steve Howland Educations ServicesTechnology Development, EMC Corporation
As with the NUNS system, the Wall/Column system sits in storage until it is needed. Then it’s wheeled (via its supplied cart) to the production location, setup, and then disassembled and wheeled back into storage until the next appropriate production.
— Steve Howland Educations ServicesTechnology Development, EMC Corporation

(Sean and Brian, co-owners of Uniset, were copied-in on this email.)Hi Dan,
I want to introduce you to a couple of folks ( Sean and Brian) from UNISET. They have done some very nice work for us on building show- shipping crates for our ORTHO VISION™ and ORTHO VISION™ Max instruments that have helped the instruments travel all over the world and arrive in great condition for our use at customer facing events. They have been quite ruggedly functional from a both a movement and storage perspective. The special drawer that exists on the crates allows us to ship the moving arms along with other accessories for the instrument. Additionally, the fold down sides have made extracting these heavy instruments a much easier endeavor for those tasked with getting the instrument out of the crate.Thanks
— Tony S. CasinaOrtho Clinical Diagnostics, Part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies

Sean and Brian,
We finished installing our set (News/Interview 4-Top Desk System, a Wall/Column System for their set background and a Riser set that the desk sits on) today, took us a little over 2 hours. Looks amazing. Thanks a lot for working with us and your patience.
— Mike Huet Florida Atlantic University- Owl Station Manager Ft Lauderdale, FL

The system arrived today and I’ve spent the bulk of the day setting up different configurations and testing it out. In this day and age, it’s rare that consumers actually get something worth the money they spent on it. This system is the exception to the rule. I love it. You and your company are to be commended on creating a quality product that isn’t over the top expensive. The way you pack extras like two-sided tape, Velcro and even paper towels shows me you care about your customers. I will recommend a system from your company to ALL local access centers in the area. Thanks.
— David Gauthier Executive Director Winchester Community Access & Media

There once was a day earlier this year when both of my co-workers approached me with a vendor by the name of UNISET. Both were hesitant as to what type of reaction I would have knowing the detailed person I am with decisions about equipment purchases. Some call it controlling, I call it detailed professionalism! I went to the web-site and liked what I saw which was the type of desk I had been searching for the last 8 years. Working with you on the custom wall was a breeze and the combination of your desk and the background wall were incredible. We keep getting more positive comments about the new set every day which is a direct result of the products, service and people that make-up UNISET.You and your staff are one of the best companies I have had the pleasure of doing business with and look forward to doing more in the future.
— Greg Thresher Cox Communications
Our NUNS Junior desk is great! Our public access users and employees love it. Our department in Enfield, CT loved it so much they want to order one too.Thanks Again,
— Chris Giard Cox Communications

NCR Corp received the set and we are ecstatic. The quality of the workmanship is superb. The entire system is first class. Packing is top notch. I cannot say enough about how pleased we are with the unit. For the value it is the best set option in the market today. I used UNISET back in the early 80’s and I knew we would be pleased.Regards,
— Galen Emery NCR Corp

I just wanted to send you an update. It’s been about a year since we received the set and table. We finally started our show in January and the set and table look great!

I have attached some pictures for you to look at. You can’t see the entire set in just one picture. It’s too big! We are using the set in pieces, and lighting the pieces with yellow gels. We have 2 big semi-circular pieces in the middle of the set that are being lit by Rosco Image Pros, which works great! The table looks great too. We have configured it several different ways for different numbers of guests.

Thanks for all your help, Sincerely,
— Brad Bowen / Television Producer/DirectorVideo Production Services / Atkins Library UNC Charlotte

Thanks Guys,
I just wanted to let you know that the sets were delivered on time, we set them up and are absolutely fantastic!!Just what we needed. Thanks for your help.
— Robert Coleman Associate Dean of Media Technology College of Mt St Vincent

The UNISET Modular approach allowed us to utilize our space to optimum advantage. There were times when we would have several different sets in use at the same time in our one studio. Because of the quick set-up and teardown capabilities, we were able to handle an increased load of productions. Needless to say, this had a positive effect on our bottom line.
— Gary Bechtold /Director, Kodak Business Television
Because of the numerous configurations we could develop from the UNISET modular pieces, every set we designed created a unique look and feel.

We were able to express different moods through the use of gels, and this in turn enhanced the overall program identity we were trying to develop and sustain. UNISET is great in my book.
— Peter Springer /Lighting Director