Transition Panels


Light light design with endless inter changeable looks. Our transition panels allow you to have unlimited design options with just 1 set background. 

You can have your graphics be in front of the mullions for a clean image shot or behind to add some depth to your shot. Change up the lower panels with different finishes as they magnet on and off! 

Wall/Column System

UNISET’s Wall/Column system provides you with a solution by creating a self-standing truly modular background wall that is configurable into multiple set designs and compliments existing studio fixtures such as curtains and lighting.  Our Wall/Column system ships on wheeled storage carts allowing it to be moved between studios and is easily set and struck by existing studio staff.

Rolling Panel System

The UNISET Rolling Panel System is the ultimate modular portable backdrop design. With 2 different finished sides; one curved and one flat, our panels can be positioned to create any number of program identities. Panel sides are finished in high pressure laminate, or faux finishes  and/or laminated fabric. Using the UNISET Rolling Panel System in front of a dedicated/static set or cyclorama, allows for maximum studio utilization.

UNI-PRO™ Studio System

THE UNI-PRO Studio System is the new standard in versatile multipurpose studios. Derived from over 40 years of experience, the UNISET Studio System is up to four (4) “sets” and separate show identities in one (1) continuous background system all while utilizing a pre-finished free standing prefabricated background system with numerous finishes.

Scenic Overlay Panels (Add on item) 

Have an existing UNISET Wall Column System or Rolling Panel System or other background system? Ever wondered if you could achieve a new and different look with the same set elements?

Now you can! The SCENIC OVERLAY PANEL is designed and built to be light weight, versatile with high quality finishes. The panels simply hangs over your existing background. Click through to the Scenic Overlay Panel page to read more... 

Custom Columns

Are you an existing UNISET Wall Column System or Rolling Panel System Customer, or do you have a boring  set background that could use a cost effective and fresh looking upgrade?

UNISET has a wide array of Column Accessories that truly enhance and energize a set. By incorporating LED RGBW lighting, a variety of finished surfaces, various shapes and sizes and fully modular capability, UNISET Columns are a high quality yet cost effective accessory that adds new dimension and cache to an existing set. See examples at the right.

Design assistance offered by UNISETs creative design department. Pricing as determined by final design and column features.


UNISET offers Graphic Reproduction and Printing services. Vinyls and polycarbonate substrates. Printed graphics are perfectly compatible with the UNISET Wall Column System (WCS) and Rolling Panel System (RPS) and many other back grounds. The customer merely provides UNISET with the high resolution image(s) as well as the right to utilize the selected image(s) and the dimensions of the desired graphic and UNISET provides the graphic on the appropriate substrate. In the case of existing WCS and RPS UNISET customers, the graphic can be mechanically attached to the fabric finish via hook and loop tabs (aka Velcro)