In a true multipurpose studio the ability to maximize the utilization of space and resources to create many unique program identities can be a challenge for production, engineering and program talent.   UNISET’s Wall/Column system provides you a solution by creating a self-standing truly modular background wall that is configurable into multiple set designs and compliments existing studio fixtures such as curtains and lighting.  Our Wall/Column system ships on wheeled storage carts allowing it to be moved between studios and is easily set and struck by existing studio staff.

The UNISET 20’ Wall/Column System is a fully modular free standing curved wall system. Each module’s base panel and columns are finished in high pressure laminate to compliment your existing studio or NUNS™ system. Top sections are finished in chromakey laminated fabric to provide you with a dynamic production background or will accept Velcro attached graphics. Columns are movable and removable allowing for multiple unique show identities. Other finishes available upon request for a nominal upcharge.

The UNISET Wall/Column System Advantage

4 – 5’x 8’ or 8’8” Panel Modules
5 – Columns
2 – Storage Carts
1 – Care and Use Kit

Price $8,199

Our Wall/Column Systems are free-standing modular walls, which can be re-configured in seconds to meet your studio needs.

  • Pre-Fabricated - no on site construction/modification required; simply clamp or bolt modules together
  • Self standing
  • Rear frame cored to receive "light pipe" for rear lighting application
  • Custom storage carts allow for easy/strike, movement and storage
  • Fully Expandable
  • Fabric Color Options
  • Veneer Color Options
  • Meets NEMAFR standards
  • Made in USA by UNISET®

Wall Column System – PRO-PAK


UNISET has launched the PRO-PAK system as part of its popular Wall Column Systems (WCS). In keeping with UNISETs objective of continually improving its products and services thereby allowing its customers "customization" options, the PRO-PAK system has been created. Created for both new and existing WCS customers thePRO-PAK consists of three (3) dramatic features designed to work in conjunction with the existing WCS frame and structure. The addition of the PRO-PAK Soffit, Columns and Light Boxes enhance the visual appeal of the WCS and offers customers greater options to create unique programming identities.

The PRO-PAK seamlessly integrates with the UNISET WCS.

The Soffit – finished in any laminate, includes four (4) LED down lights per wall section. In the case of a standard 20’ WCS (4 wall sections), 16 recessed LED lights are added across the entire 20’ wide soffit thereby illuminating each upper wall panel surface.

The Columns - 12” wide x 96” high x 8” deep are added and include internally mounted RGB LED lighting. Surface finish can be acrylic, perforated laminate (chem metal) or any other material to enhance the RGB lighting feature

The Light Boxes –Light Boxes are free standing, and designed to fit between the PRO-PAK columns. Each light box has 4internally mounted LED lights. Similarly, the surface finish can match the Columns/Soffits or have its own treatment to enhance the overall look.


The UNISET Wall Column System – PRO-PAKAdvantages

  • Integrates with new and existing WCS to achieve new studio look
  • Soffit attaches to the top of WCS frame and columns
  • Columns rest on the floor and are fastened to WCS frame and support Soffit
  • Light Boxes are free standing, rest on the floor between the Columns
  • LED lighting features in all three (3) components
  • Cost effective, high quality construction for long lasting studio use

For new customers, the WCS system has a wide range of finished surface options to “customize” your new set back ground system.