UNI-PRO News/Interview Desk System

This studio desk stands at as standard 30" tall desk but comes with a first in the industry 12" "lift kit" extending the truss legs to a 42"  bistro desk height, making the UNI-PRO Desk System ideal for both stand up and raised talent seating. Add in the seven (7) or four (4) unique desk tops configurations and the UNI-PRO Desk System is the most modular and versatile desk in the broadcast and video production marketplace.

The UNI-PRO Desk System allows you to create the greatest number of talent configuration options of any news/interview desk in the marketplace today. Designed to incorporate lightweight durable steel trusses (desk top bases), the UNI-PRO Desk System assembles and reconfigures quickly. It is durable enough to pack and take to remote locations.  The desk front "show identity" area measures a prominent 36" Wide X 23" High and incorporates ALL or some of these options: chroma key, graphic panels and monitor mounting for monitor up to 42"


Up to 7 Unique Desk Top Shapes & Configurations


Sold as Four (4) and Seven (7) Top Systems (one offs also available)


7 unique desktops in one system
Allows for the UNI-PRO Desk System to be tailored to individual show/program identities

Seating for 1-5 people

Systems sold with standard Solid Charcoal Grey Tops. (matching Clear or Frosted Acrylic available upon request for up charge)

Desk Base components  (the "Towers") constructed out of machined and welded aluminum
Lightweight and durable
Easily assembled and reconfigured to accommodate up to seven (7) desk tops Customization of Base components available for added cost. (see UNI-PRO Desk Base Perspectives)

Lift kit
Extends each leg 12” to "lift" desk to a 42" High bistro height for raised seating, stand up or walk up programming


Standard Four (4) Top System Price $6,495

INCLUDES Tops 2, 3, 4 and 7

Standard Seven (7) Top System Price $7,459


Graphic/ vanity panel (area 36" W x 23" H)
Desk front panel comes with two panels. (1) chroma key green and (1) solid black panel (graphics available upon request for small up charge). 36" W X 23" H "show identity" area accommodates chroma key and graphic panel and monitor mount for up to a 42" monitor.
Desk front panels and monitor mount can be changed out without the need to remove the desk top.

Monitor mount
System comes with slide in/slide out universal monitor mount brackets to accommodate up to a 42" monitor (monitor not included).
Can be added or removed without having to remove the desk top.

Ease of assembly
Self standing and self fastening base assembly.
Only hardware is stand offs that anchor desk top to base assembly

Color Options                                                                               Aluminum base with black matt finish standard. Other colors available upon request (small up charge may apply based on selection)

System storage cart
Entire system stores on one cart
Cart fits through standard office doors


The 30” H and 42” H (30” + 12” “lift kit” extension legs) desk bases are an attractive steel frame with truss weave center support. Left alone the appearance of the desk bases coupled with the desk tops and brushed chrome standoffs and caps is very appealing. That said, the bases offer tremendous flexibility to create different show and program identities. By simply applying custom fitted “trim strips” to the truss weave (via two sided magnets) you can create multiple looks and added desk features.

UNI-PRO Desk Base - Details and Gallery


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