“ The Scenic Overlay Panel” is the ideal complement to the UNISET Wall Column System (WCS) and Rolling Panel System (RPS). Hundreds of these back ground systems are in use in countless studios nationwide. The single sided Wall Column System and the reversible two sided Rolling Panel System offer an ideal back ground for fixed sets and chroma key elements for virtual set content. The Scenic Overlay Panel provides an additional back ground that is compatible with the WCS and RPS. Designed and built to be versatile, light weight and easily configured, the panel literally hangs over the existing WCS and RPS.

A full color, opaque backing, matt laminate “scenic graphic” is printed on a vinyl or polycarbonate substrate and adhered to the existing wall. (Velcro over fabric back ground)

A “window pane” rigid frame finished in any color of the customers choosing is hung over the graphic and wall.

Individual panels or a grouping of panels for a panoramic scene can be knitted together to create an entirely different back ground with the same set.


The Scenic Overlay Panel

Pricing as follows: 56" W x 95" H graphic with window pane detail $1,565.00

                                 56" W x 58" H graphic with window pane detail $1,295.00

Other size and window pane configurations available upon request. Customer responsible for acquiring image(s) (if image needs to be purchased) and providing TIFF file high resolution graphic(s) at actual size.